Plastics Supply


The most basic service offered by PLASTX is creation and shipment of a complete range of semifinished plastics products. This type of service is ideal for plastic manufacturing processes that are created in-house.

It seems logical that material selection is an essential part of creating a strong product.

The proper plastic material selection receive all the attention it warrants.

PLASTX may consider a range of factors when selecting materials, but perhaps most important is the APPLICATION of the final product.

A wide range of different plastic materials are available for the countless applications in the different sectors. Depending on the specific requirement profile, different materials and production processes will be used.  Through carefully considering a material’s thermal, environmental, electrical, and chemical aspects, PLASTX will select for you, a material that will serve its appropriate function.

Common types of standard plastic fabrication supplies include :

  • sheets

    • solid sheets
    • sandwich sheets
    • multiwall sheets
    • corrugated sheets
  • rods

    • solid rods
    • profiled rods
  • foils

    • thin foils – sheets
    • thin foils – rolls
  • profiles

    • decorative profiles
    • functional profiles
    • Finished Parts, Profiles
  • welding rods

    • plastic welding rods
  • pipes, fittings & valves

    • Industrial Piping Systems
    • Disposal Systems
    • Supply Systems

Common types of plastic offered by PLASTX include :

    • ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene -(ABS, Grained ABS, ABS&PMMA).
    • APET Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate
    • ASA Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylester
    • BOND aluminium -pe/pp – aluminium sandwich sheets
    • BIOPLASTICS Semi-finished plastics based on renewable resources -(PLA, WPC, Bio PA)
    • E-CTFEEthylen-Chlortrifluorethylene – (E-CTFE, E-CTFE-GK, E-CTFE-AK) .
    • GPPS general purpose polystyrene
    • PE-HD Polyethylene – (PE-HWU, PE-HWU-SK, PE-HWU-GK, PE-HWU-B, PE 100, PE 100 AR, PE 100 RC, PE-HWST, PE light Blue, PE-UV , PE-AS, PE-TF, PE embossed, PE-FL, PE-HWV, PE-W, PE FOAM, PE-EL, PE-EL-SK, PE-HML 500, PE-HML 500 UV, dehoplast® PE-500, dehoplast® PE-500 UV, dehoplast® Food,  dehoplast® PE-500 antibac, dehoplast® x-protect 500, dehoplast® x-fric, dehoplast® PE-1000, dehoplast® PE-1000 AST, dehoplast® PE-1000 UV,  dehoplast® PE-1000 antibac, dehoplast® PE-1000 EL, dehoplast® PE-1000 MGK, dehoplast® PE-1000 HT, dehoplast® x-detect, dehoplast® x-protect 1000, dehoplast® x-glide, dehoplast® x-oil, dehoplast® super G, dehoplast® x-ray, dehoplast® superlining, dehoplast® superlining-x, dehoplast® superlining-xtra, PE regrind versions, dehoplast® PE-55, dehoplast® PE-73, dehoplast® PE-46, dehoplast® PE-FQ, SIMREC-PE 300)
    • HIPS High Impact Polystyren
    • PA Polyamide -(PA6, PA6.6, PA12, PA 6 G-Oil, PA 6.6-30GF
    • PC Polycarbonate – (solid PC, Corrugated PC, Ondul PC)
    • PEEK Polyetheretherketone
    • PEI Polyetherimide
    • PES
    • PETPolyethylene terephthalate
    • PETG Thermoplastic copolyester
    • PMMA Polymethylmethacrylate -(XT and CAST).
    • POMPolyoxymethylene (polyacetal, POM-ELS, POM-ESD)
    • PP Polypropylene – (PP-H, PP-Copolymer, PP-DWU , PP-DWST , PP-DW-CU , PP-UV , PP-AS , PP-DWVL , PP-TV , PP-TE , PP-DWU AlphaPlus® , P-DWU-SK AlphaPlus® , PP-DWU-GK AlphaPlus® , PP-DWU-B, PP-DWST , PP-DW-CU , PP-UV , PP-DWVL , PP-TV , PP-TE , PP embossed, PP-EL-S , PP-EL , PP-EL-SK , PP-EL-GK, PP white 9002 , PP white 826, PPs, PP-DWV, PP FOAM, PP-C , PP-C-PK , PP-C-SK , PP-C-AS , PP-C-UV , PP-R, FRYSILEN, Multiwall PP, PP-ELS, PP-30GF,PP-30PET-F)
    • PPE Polyphenylenether (PPE-30GF, PPO)
    • PPS Polyphenylensulfide
    • PPSU Polyphenylensulfon
    • PSU Polysulfone
    • PTFE
    • PVDF Polyvinylidene fluoride –( PVDF-SK, PVDF-GK, PVDF-AK, PVDF-CL, PVDF-C, PVDF-EL, PVDF-EL-SK, PVDF-EL-GK)
    • SAN Styrene-Acrylonitrile-Copolymer


Many plastics are readily available, but if your project requires a component that is not, then custom plastic fabrication services will likely create and ship any size, shape, and color of plastic component at your request.

Please check the documents in the News & Docs area or send us your specific inquiry by email