Products & Applications – browse by your interest area –  Pictures tell the Story:


  • Agriculture & Farming – Poultry & Livestock 
    Animal husbandry devices, animal enclosures, animal coop , granary, automatic animal feeder, pen houses, farm silos, tanks & vessels, silos linings, waste containers, etc.
  • Agriculture & Farming – Crop cultivation & Wineries 
    Greenhouses, silos linings, tanks & vessels, wine barrels, production devices,
  • Agriculture & Farming – Aquaculture & fish farming 
    RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems), aquaculture tanks & equipments, hatching equipments, filtration equipments, floating cages, floating traps, equipments for aquaponics and hydroponics systems.
  • Automotive & Mobility 
    Automotive custom racks, kanban systems, Auto component Trailers & Trolleys, PP, PVC, PE-HD, PVDF tanks & vessels, Hazardous substances storage, drip trays, containers, transport trolleys, workstation systems, workbenches and work stations, waste management special containers, Handling systems, Conveyor systems, small parts storage systems, roller containers, thermoformed plastic parts, security signage, information panels, etc.
  • Chemical Tanks and Equipment Construction 
    Fluid storage, Chemical Storage Tanks, Bunding and Containment for Chemical Spill Containment, Corrosive Resistant tanks and linings, retention tanks, Double wall tanks, Plastic Chemical ressistant pumps & pump ellements, Chemical Ducting, enclosures & equipments, etc.
  • Chemical process industry 
    Anodizing Tanks, Equipments for aggressive media (liquids & gases), Chromating tanks, Cleaning tanks, Dipping Tanks & Trays, Dosing tanks and cabinets, Electrocoating tanks, Galvanizing tanks & drums, Mixing Tanks, Neutralizing tanks, Pickling tanks, Plating tanks, etc.
  • Industrial Piping Systems 
    Flue gas desulpherisation , Cooling-water systems, chemical transport piping sysytems, Fire extinguishing systems and applications acc. to ATEX, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering and Transport 
    Mechanical Engineering (Ball-bearing cages, Bearings, Belt and rope pulleys, Bushes, Bushings, Cams, Chain Guides, Conveyers, Gears), Transport, Materials Handling and Storage Systems, liners.
  • Port and Marine Fender Industry 
    HDPE working boats, flood and salvation boats, dredges, floating docks, floating pontoons, Floating walkways, Marinas, Harbour construction, Shipbuilding, Houseboats.
  • Food Industry 
    Food conveyor parts, Grease Traps, Butchers Blocks, Carving Blocks, Chopping Blocks, Cutting Boards, Dosing pumps in food packing machines, impact strips, lining of refrigeration rooms and equipments, Packing and Filling Machines , Bulk Materials Industry, Silos etc.
  • Advertising & signage 
    POP Displays (POSM’s, PLV’s), Signs & Letters, Trade marketing support, Acrylic Display Cases, Acrylic Fabrications, Acrylic furniture, LED lightbox signs, thermoformed letters, Lighting panels, illuminated signage, Retail and Store fixtures , Bulk food dispensers, Retail displays, Brochure holders, acrylics awards, Packaging & Printing,
  • Security & Protection  
    Protection shields, sound barriers, Machine guards, impact ressistant partititions, instrument panels, ESD cases, electrical insulating parts, electronic housings, electrical & automation engineering.
  • Sports & Entertainment 
    Playgrounds,artificial ice rinks and dashboards, basketball panels, protection screens, etc.
  • Other applications 
    Laboratory Engineering and clean room furniture, Geothermal Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering, Semiconductor Industry, Printing, Paper and Textile Industry, Luggage, Bags & Cases, Office & School Supplies, Gifts & Crafts, impact ressistant glazings & displays, interactive promotional boxes, election boxes, etc.