PLASTX brand name is supported by our expert team for every challenge in PLASTICS FABRICATION.
We strive to deliver Uncompromising quality in every detail, as a standard for the whole.

PLASTX is the benchmark when it comes to meeting important material specifications, supported by test procedures and close collaboration with our customers.

The integration of improvements into our production processes for standard products as well as development products depends on this dialog with our customers as partners. This is achieved by an open minded, market oriented approach.

Long years of experience are the basis for making changes and improving our processes.

New thinking is built on experience without accepting any limitations. It is the expert knowledge that in the end determines the actual production processes, the properties of the product, the process quality, and ultimately the customer satisfaction.

Not only the technology and raw materials are important, but the human factor is also very often critical and this we regard as major success factor.


The Plastic Fabrication Process

When selecting a plastic fabricator, it is recommended that you choose a supplier that is experienced in the industry and type of fabrication process you require.

No matter which type of fabrication process you require, there are several steps that each plastic product must go through prior to completion: Material selection, Design, Process and Service Conditions.

Despite advances in plastic manufacturing and continuous attempts to make durable, long-lasting plastic, the material can still experience failure. When a part or product fails, the consequences can be severe. Therefore, it’s especially important to identify common types of failure and their underlying causes. By increasing understanding of plastic’s strengths and weaknesses, manufacturers may avoid future problems through appropriate use and application of the material.